Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama


I am honored to serve a district in which agriculture is the largest employer -- responsible for more than 93,000 jobs and $11 billion in economic impact.

When it comes to farm policy, legislation does not just affect the farmer who puts the seed in the ground. We are affecting the ones who sell the seed, who build the equipment to cultivate and harvest the crop, and those who help process the goods to their final products. That farming dollar turns over many times, and there is an entire agriculture supply chain that is affected by farm policies set by Congress. When Washington politicians mess around with farm policy, they are messing around with the livelihoods of the people I represent.

In Congress, I am proud to be a strong voice for farmers and to represent their concerns. Our goal is to create a fiscally responsible framework of laws and programs that promote sustainable and profitable agriculture in Alabama while recognizing our current budget limitations.

More on Agriculture

June 21, 2018 Press Release
This farm bill addresses many of the challenges farmers face daily, and that’s why I was proud to cast my vote in favor of the legislation today.
May 17, 2018 Press Release
“I am proud to serve Alabama’s Second District where agriculture is the largest employer – responsible for more than 93,000 jobs and more than $11 billion in economic impact,” said Representative Roby.
April 20, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I am proud to share some exciting news for Alabama’s farmers: The House Agriculture Committee has approved the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, more commonly known as the farm bill.
January 26, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I am so glad that the gridlock in Washington didn’t impact my plans to visit with so many people. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for me to hear directly from you.
January 24, 2018 Representative Roby In The News
“I do want to share with you some successes of the past year – legislative successes that you won’t hear on the news because they don’t want to talk about the good things that have happened and then tell you about some of my priorities for 2018,” she said.
January 5, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Despite what you may see when you turn on cable news, there is a lot for us to be proud of in our country right now. We’ve seen tremendous economic growth and our tax reform overhaul brought some great news to families around the country this holiday season.
October 20, 2017 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
While we cannot control what happens on the other side of the Capitol, the House will remain focused on keeping our promises.
August 18, 2017 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The Congressional calendar offers time in August for representatives and senators to spend more time home in our states and districts visiting with those we represent.
March 30, 2017 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I am optimistic that Congress and Gov. Perdue can work together to deliver policies that help Alabama’s farmers do what they do best – produce the food and fiber that our country depends on.
January 20, 2017 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
President Donald Trump continued to fill out key administration posts over the last week, including two positions that will have a significant impact on our district and state: Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of Veterans Affairs.