Rep. Martha Roby Tours Shoreline Management Plan

June 10, 2011
Roby in the News

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby spent Monday touring Lake Eufaula.  But she didn’t take long stating her opinion on the proposed changes to the U.S. Army Corps Shoreline Management Plan for Lake Eufaula.

“My job is to make sure my constituents’ voices are heard,” she said.

And Roby’s been hearing a lot from her property-owning constituents on Lake Eufaula. She says she’s received almost a hundred emails, letters and phone calls in the past month from lakefront residents in Barbour and Henry counties concerning the proposed changes to the SMP. She says the majority of these contacts haven’t been in favor of the changes.

On Monday, Roby visited with Pat Robbins and Bill Smallwood of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She also visited with Dennis Fineout of Friends of Lake Eufaula, a group which has opposed many of the proposed changes to the SMP.

“From what I learned today, these changes will have a minimal impact on the environmental quality of (Lake Eufaula). That’s the reason I’ll be asking Col. (Steven) Roemhildt why these changes are necessary,” stated Roby on Monday.

Roemhildt is the engineer and commanding officer for the Army Corps of Engineers’ Mobile district. Roby will be meeting with him later this month in Washington D.C. to discuss the SMP. She took a boat tour of Lake Eufaula Monday, she said, in preparation of her meeting with Roemhildt.

Some of the proposed changes to the SMP have caused concern among Eufaula lakefront property owners, including “under-brushing” guidelines that would restrict property owners from cutting lakeshore brush and restrictions on personal boat docks and the appearance of docks.

These changes are, in part, to enhance the environmental and aesthetic quality of the lake.

Roby would not comment on whether she believed these changes could possibly lower lakefront property value or affect Eufaula’s economy, but she did say she would pass along the opinions and concerns of her constituents to Roemhildt.

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