New Bill Gives Local School Boards More Say

July 14, 2011
Roby in the News

The act is gaining support, from members of congress including second district Representative Martha Roby who says, local schools should dictate how they spend their money not Washington.

"This is the cry we hear, they need greater control over their education decisions," said Rep. Martha Roby, (R) District 2.

For Republican lawmakers the answer is simple, kick Washington out of local school decisions, and give discretion on where funds go to the local school board.

"This is an effort for child centered education with local control and this eliminates bureaucratic red tape and it encourages local innovation to reform public education," commented Roby.

The state and local funding act is designed to reduce the strict guidelines, on how and where federal funds must be used. Houston County Schools Chief Financial Officer says sometimes Washington does not know best.

"Someone in Washington may think our school system needs a new reading program implemented when we have a good reading program so they are going to send us federal money to buy another reading program just because thats what they think we need," Kerry Bedsole, Houston Co. Schools CFO.

Superintendent Tim Pitchford says state and federal restrictions, have resulted in nice new buildings, but a loss of teachers

"Well that money was five to seven million dollars we had was earmarked only for construction, we could not flex that money for salary and benefits,” Tim Pitchford, Houston Co. Schools Supt..

The act specifically addresses rural initiatives, and low income areas. Congresswoman Roby, says letting these school systems re-allocate funds will not allow them to ignore the academic achievement of disadvantaged students.

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