Freshman Roby joining classmates in spending cuts

February 18, 2011
Roby in the News

House Republicans, lead by a fiscally-charged freshman class, are on a mission to cut trillions from the federal budget in the next few days — literally.The purpose is to rescue a 2011 fiscal year that is so full of red ink that it is dragging down the economy, just in the amount of interest being paid on the national debt alone.

Among the frosh making the tough decisions to make our country more fiscally responsible is our own Second District Congresswoman Martha Roby.

Roby voted with other freshmen and only a handful of the GOP majority agreed - but it included Speaker John Boehner.

That signals that the Speaker understands the force being cast by this new group of lawmakers who the people elected in November to take some action in Washington.

We do not know how deep or how legitimate all the cuts will be, but cutting more than a trillion dollars in one week will have a significant impact on everybody and everything you touch. And, draw negative comments.

Paul Krugman — who The Economist magazine said so often writes “scathing criticism of Republicans that it’s easy to discount the outrage and dismiss it” — labelled the GOP cuts as reckless abandon: “The whole budget debate, then, is a sham. House Republicans, in particular, are literally stealing food from the mouths of babes — nutritional aid to pregnant women and very young children is one of the items on their cutting block — so they can pose, falsely, as deficit hawks.”

Congresswoman Roby below notes the cuts are significant but necessary. “The majority in the House has approved $541 billion in cuts to entitlement spending, $115 billion in cuts to authorized spending, and $770 billion in cuts to taxes. By this point in the 111th Congress, Speaker Pelosi had already passed $682 billion in new spending.”

The best thing the freshman class has done is muffled the spending machine.

The deal breaker could come in the Senate, where both sides spend like sailors — with the majority party getting the blame but the minority spending as much.

That too has to come to a halt, and where the fallout comes is unknown. We do know the freshmen are intent on fixing what ails us: That budget deficit.

Roby so far is doing what voters asked of her.


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