Roby Votes to Pass "Cut, Cap and Balance Act"

July 19, 2011
Press Release

U.S. Representative Martha Roby made the following comments today following House passage of the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act”. The bill passed 234 to 190.

“Our country is burdened by $14 trillion in debt—far more now than at any other time in American history. A significant share of that debt accrued during the last Congress - when democratic leaders rammed through the stimulus, health care reform, bailouts and buyouts, and a 24 percent increase in discretionary spending.

“America is broke, and Washington lacks credibility on spending issues. Taking on more debt with only the promise of future fiscal discipline is not sufficient. I believe that if Congress is going to approve an increase in the debt limit, it must also enact serious and significant spending reforms. Budget gimmicks will not suffice. Binding and legally enforceable spending restrictions are the best way to put our nation back on the right track toward economic growth, job creation, and fiscal responsibility. Otherwise, we will simply be raising the debt limit all over again in a matter of months.

“Today’s passage of the ‘Cut, Cap and Balance Act’ is a bold step in the right direction that would make immediate spending cuts while also enacting long-term reforms. The legislation would cut $111 billion of government spending in the next fiscal year, establish a cap on spending locking in $5.8 trillion in budget savings over the next 10 years, and send a Constitutional balanced budget amendment to the states for ratification. Under the plan, future spending would be significantly restrained, putting America in a far stronger position tomorrow than we are today. In exchange for these straightforward and significant reforms, the bill would allow our nation to avoid default by increasing the debt limit.

“Unfortunately, the democratically led Senate is not likely to pass the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. The Senate’s refusal to act is symptomatic of what has happened all year long: Republicans in the House pass pro-job growth, anti-spending legislation, which Democrats in the Senate kill. Passage of ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ is an opportunity for the democratic leadership to demonstrate that they have finally heard the call of the American people who want less spending, less borrowing, and less government in their lives. I urge them to act on the bill.

“Other proposals continue to be suggested, and each deserves careful consideration. I am dismayed that President Obama continues to insist that tax increases be an important part of any spending reduction plan. His approach is dead on arrival. In addition, I am wary of any plan that will put politics over policy. The American people sent us here to make tough choices, and I am prepared to stay in Washington every day and every night until the August 2 deadline if there is a chance we can make a real difference for future generations of Americans.”

# # #

The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act is supported by a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations, including the Tea Party.