Roby states President’s Budget calls for ‘Fourth Consecutive Trillion Dollar Deficit’

February 13, 2012
Press Release

Rep. Martha Roby, author of the Honest Budget Act of 2012 in the House of Representatives, made the following comments today regarding President Obama’s release of his annual budget proposal:

“I had hoped that President Obama would use the last budget of his term to right past wrongs and to set this nation on track toward solid fiscal ground. If he had resisted the temptation to double down on failed ‘borrow and spend’ policies and had rejected the budget gimmicks that have plagued past proposals, the American people would have welcomed his leadership. Unfortunately, he appears to have done the opposite.

“This budget proposal is severely flawed. The President uses thinly disguised budget gimmicks to hide billions in new spending and distort the truth. The President proposes a rapid increase in government spending in future years financed by a toxic brew of tax increases and debt that will undercut sustained free-market growth. And, most shocking, the President completely turns his back on his 2009 pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Under this plan, he calls for the fourth consecutive trillion dollar deficit.

“This looks like a budget submitted by a President who knows that his plan will never be scrutinized in the Democratic Senate. And why would it? The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in more than 1,000 days. Without the burden of seriousness, the President has proposed a plan for campaigning—not a plan for governing.

“One of the prime responsibilities of governing is to serve as a good steward of taxpayers’ money—even in election years. We can do better, and I look forward to a House proposal that is a sincere attempt to limit spending, rein in debt, and restore free market economic growth,” said Rep. Roby.

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