Roby Statement on Obama's Executive Action on Gun Control

January 4, 2016
Press Release

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-Ala.) today responded to news that President Obama is seeking to unilaterally mandate gun control through executive orders or bureaucratic rules.

Roby, a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights, said she will fight President Obama’s latest attempt to go around Congress to force his agenda.

“President Obama is wrong to try to bypass Congress to unilaterally mandate his gun control agenda, and it won’t stand. I’m a gun owner myself, and I strongly value the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. I will fight on behalf of those I represent to stop any attempt to erode the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“There is a reason Congress has repeatedly rejected President Obama’s gun control agenda: on top of being unconstitutional, his proposals would not have prevented the recent attacks he uses to justify new laws. Instead of forcing unconstitutional gun regulations that have little hope of stopping premeditated attacks, I believe our focus should be dealing with the root causes, specifically mental health and terrorism.”