Roby Reacts to Obama’s State of the Union in Final Year of his Term

January 27, 2012
Press Release

U.S. Representative Martha Roby delivered the following statement in reaction to the president’s State of the Union address.

“We continue to witness a striking lack of leadership from the president on the most basic responsibilities of governance and on the issues of the highest priorities to Americans. If the president’s priority were fiscal responsibility, he would call on Senate Democrats to pass an honest, gimmick-free budget, which they have not done in a 1,000 days. If the president’s priority were job creation, he would call for the immediate construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which would create thousands of jobs. If the president’s priority was economic growth, he would find common ground on any of the 27 House-passed jobs bills—some of which he actually suggested. The reality is, the president has done none of this.

“Right now, we don’t need more grand proposals from the president. Americans are frustrated. Right now we need the president to work with the Congress—not run a political campaign against it. He needs to stop delivering campaign speeches and start working with Congress to find common ground on the free-market, limited government policies that will deliver the economic growth that he touted in his first State of the Union.

“I strongly suggest that the president and Sen. Reid focus on the 27 House-passed pro-growth, pro-jobs bills that will reduce regulatory burdens on small business owners and help create jobs. Sen. Reid has refused to allow debate on these bills – which are stalled in the Senate – and the president has threatened vetoes. My House colleagues and I await Senate action, but more importantly, the American people await Senate action.”