Roby Questions Altered Union Election Plan Proposed by the National Labor Relations Board in Committee Hearing

July 8, 2011
Press Release

U.S. Representative Martha Roby questioned witnesses at a House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing about the National Labor Relations Boards' (NLRB) proposed plan to alter union elections. The NLRB’s proposal could change procedures that govern union elections, limiting the amount of time for employers to prepare a case before a union election.

Rep. Roby opposes the plan as it would promote a culture of union favoritism and may compromise businesses and employers. During the committee hearing Roby stated, “In this time, when we know that the number 1 issue in this country is jobs creation, and yet once again, this heavy hand comes in where those resources could go back into job creation in this country.”  A June 22, 2011, Wall Street Journal article reports that unions have lost members because fewer modern workers want to join unions.

Roby: “Mr. Carew, are  you concerned this proposal will force you to spend even greater resources on union elections when these resources, in this time, may be better spent expanding your business and creating new jobs for workers?”

Mr. Carew: “Thank you. As a small business owner, don’t forget about us, we create jobs too. And I am just so concerned with this process that it would become too short, too difficult to comply with, such that we won’t have an informed, legal and fair vote for everyone. I’m very concerned about it.