Roby Opposes $167 Billion Increase to U.S. Deficit

February 17, 2012
Press Release

Maintaining her commitment to reduce deficit spending, U.S. Representative Martha Roby opposed legislation today that would add more than $100 billion to the national debt. Roby made the following comments after the vote:

“Everyone knows that the temporary payroll tax holiday, which undermines the long-term health of social security in favor of a short term economic stimulus—was originally meant to last one year. Now, faced with a tough choice, Congress and the President balked, extending the tax holiday for another year while refusing to pay for it. The effect of this unprincipled approach is an even greater shortfall in the Social Security trust fund, on which millions of senior citizens rely. 

“In the end, the legislation approved today will add more than $167 billion to the deficit over the next three years. That is a shocking step backward in our effort to rein in deficits. In a single vote, Congress canceled out all of the spending reductions that we fought for and achieved last fiscal year.”

# # #

The House of Representatives passed the legislation by a vote of 293-132. The Senate approved the bill 60 to 36. Every Republican member of Alabama’s House and Senate delegations opposed the plan.