Roby Co-Sponsors State and Local Funding Flexibility Act

July 13, 2011
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – During an Education and the Workforce Committee markup today, U.S. Representative Martha Roby spoke in support of The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act. Roby co-sponsored H.R. 2445, legislation that provides school districts and state officials to focus federal resources on the most effective programs.

Roby:The State and Local Funding Flexibility Act does not take money away from disadvantaged children. It does not change the amount of federal money allocated to states and school districts, nor does it allow states and school districts to ignore the academic achievement of its disadvantaged students. It will do nothing to jeopardize the civil rights of students including poor and minority students.

“All of us have traveled around our districts, visited schools, and heard directly from educators, superintendents and administrators over and over again, this is the cry that we hear. They need greater control over their education decisions. This is an effort for child-centered education with local control and this eliminates bureaucratic red tape and it encourages local innovation to reform public education. Just this morning my office received a call from a superintendent in Elmore County in Alabama offering full support for this act. So, Mr. Chairman, I support this act as do the educators and administrators in Alabama’s Second Congressional District.”