Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama

Roby Calls for Criminal Investigation of Planned Parenthood

July 15, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today called for a criminal investigation of abortion provider Planned Parenthood in light of a recently-revealed video showing a top official discussing illegal fetal organ harvesting practices. 

Hidden camera video surfaced Tuesday of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director for medical services, describing in chilling detail how abortion procedures can be altered to preserve hearts, lungs and livers so they can be sold. House leaders today committed to investigating the matter through the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over health care matters. 

At a news conference with pro-life House Members, Roby thanked her colleagues for their oversight efforts, but said more must be done. 

“I appreciate the House Leadership and the Committees of jurisdiction for quickly laying the groundwork for investigations and hearings. Congress is right to use its oversight capacity to get to the bottom of this and hold this organization to account.

“But I think this warrants a criminal investigation - a serious one. I don’t care how much political weight Planned Parenthood throws around this town, no one is above the law. 

“If we’re going to be perp walking soccer officials, how about let’s bear down on harvesting and trafficking of babies’ body parts.”

Roby was referring to the recent Justice Department sting operation targeting FIFA officials for money laundering. 

The purchase and sale of human fetal tissue is prohibited by federal law as is altering the timing or method of an abortion to gain tissue for research.

Planned Parenthood has claimed that its abortion clinics only collect “tissue” legally for research purposes and do not sell it for a profit. However, the “menu” and price scheme discussed by Nucatola strongly suggest a competitive market at play. Also, Nucatola clearly speaks of abortion doctors being willing to alter abortion procedures in order to preserve certain in-demand organs. 

Roby said this major revelation should cause Americans to do some soul searching on the activity that abortion providers conduct. 

“This is one of those moments that – as a nation– we have to ask ourselves, ‘who are we? Are we really going to tolerate this inhumanity? Are we going to look the other way while babies are brutally killed and organs harvested?’”

Roby’s impassioned speech on the House floor Tuesday has gone viral on social media and caught the attention of many national news outlets.