Rep. Roby, House Freshmen Urge Senate to Take-up House-Passed Bills

October 6, 2011
Press Release

Rep. Martha Roby joined with House Republican Freshmen colleagues this week urging the Senate to take action and vote on House-passed, job-growth bills that remain stalled in the Upper Chamber. Since the beginning of the 112th Congressional Session, House Members have passed a number of job-growth bills which would deregulate business and help get Americans back to work. Rep. Roby references recent visits she made to Alabama businesses where she observed, first-hand, the effects harsh federal regulations are having on job creation.

Marking 888 days since the Senate last passed a Congressional Budget, House Freshmen not only called on the Senate to take-up the House-passed bills - but to also pass a budget.

The following are Rep. Roby’s remarks:

“I am proud to join my colleagues today to address the American people and say - all of us up here remain committed to cutting spending, to getting our fiscal house back in order. But we also understand that the key to job creation in this country is not just cutting spending but its reducing the regulatory burden in this country.

“All of us just got back from our home districts where, I know, we travel around and we meet with business owners and job creators all throughout this country.

“This problem is real. We see it in empty cubicles. We see it when we hear from our constituents about the dollars that they are having to invest in their company only to keep up with the federal regulations and not to expand and grow their businesses.

“We know that job creators in this country are sitting on trillions of dollars because of this regulatory uncertainty that we have. And again, as my colleagues have pointed out,  we have passed piece of legislation after piece of legislation to give the private sector the ability to go forth and create these jobs.

“We call on our [Senate] colleagues, on behalf of the American people that we represent who want to reinvest their hard-earned dollars back into the private sector.

“Please, pass these bills, pass a budget. Let’s unleash the private sector and grow this economy.