Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama

President Reagan Centennial

February 9, 2011
Press Release
Yesterday, the nation celebrated Ronald Wilson Reagan’s 100th birthday. We remember this patriotic leader not only as the Governor of California and our 40th President, but also as a loving father, husband and grandfather. The admiration he felt for his family was deep and strong—rivaled only by his adoration for freedom, liberty, and our great nation.

As the “Great Communicator,” he captivated so many of us, leading the nation with charisma, humor, and wisdom. His faith—both in God and the American People—were the defining principles of his political life.

President Reagan was famously optimistic. He had the ability to envision the world as he wished it to be, and the courage to work to make it so. His graceful and encouraging words led our country through turbulent times and lifted our spirits in difficult moments. He taught an entire generation to believe in America again. As we note this important milestone, we should learn from President Reagan’s legacy, reaffirming our belief in American Exceptionalism and our nation’s place as a beacon of hope and freedom in the world.