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April 3, 2014 Roby in the News
The U.S. House of Representatives Thursday passed a bill on a mostly party-line vote to change an Obamacare rule classifying employees who work at least 30 hours as full time.
April 3, 2014 Roby in the News
U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said Wednesday that Alabama companies that make car parts are being targeted with extra federal safety inspections because they have a higher rate of workplace injuries than the industry nationwide.
March 31, 2014 Press Release
A federal initiative targeting the southern automotive industry for special scrutiny raises questions given recent efforts to undermine "right to work" environments in states like Alabama, U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) said Monday.
March 31, 2014 Editorial

Letter to Secretary Perez

March 31, 2014 Roby in the News
U.S. Representative Martha Roby has questioned a federal initiative that is targeting the southern automotive industry.
March 30, 2014 Roby in the News
Federal workplace safety officials may be unfairly singling out right-to-work states by conducting extra inspections at auto parts makers in the South, an Alabama congresswoman says.
March 28, 2014 Press Release
U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today released the following statement upon the passing of former U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton.
March 28, 2014 Roby in the News
Friends and admirers of former Alabama Senator Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr., are reflecting on the life and career of the man many call a "true American hero."
March 28, 2014 Roby in the News
Alabama officials are remembering former Alabama Sen. Jeremiah Denton and his contributions in the Senate and the military.
March 28, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I have heard from many constituents who have had their health plans cancelled, premiums increased, or choice of doctor restricted – all after President Obama repeatedly promised none of that would happen. This is not fair, and people are understandably angry about it.


In The News

May 1, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Citing potential excruciating cuts, U.S. Rep. Martha Roby told Enterprise Rotary Club members Tuesday that she and other Alabama politicians are fighting to keep the military in tact.

Last year, Congress passed the Budget Control Act in order to help minimize deficit spending. As part of the bill, a joint committee was formed to determine how cuts should be made.

April 10, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Families work within a budget, as do business owners and employers. A budget is a blueprint, or a roadmap, from which to navigate, measure, and regulate spending. In the absence of a budget, irresponsible and careless spending is easier to hide. This is unfortunately our present situation in Washington.

April 6, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

While U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, was more than happy to tout her support for the Paul Ryan budget plan, she was less than optimistic about its chances in the Senate.

Roby voted for the budget proposal crafted by Ryan, R-Wisconsin, which passed the House 228-191 last week. Most consider it dead on arrival in the Senate.

April 5, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Alabama farmers and agribusiness officials gathered Wednesday on the lawn of the Capitol to celebrate their industry and to feed downtown workers with a buffet of locally produced products. They also brought a message for lawmakers, one that they hope takes root.

April 4, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Legislators and other government officials had a chance to sample Alabama foods and visit with farmers and small business owners during the Family Farm and Family Business Day on the Hill Wednesday at the State Capitol.

April 4, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

State leaders recognized the contributions of Alabama farmers and small business owners during an event on the Capitol lawn this morning.

The event was organized by a coalition of agriculture and business groups to emphasize the roles of both in Alabama's economy and job market. It was tied in with the Alabama Department of Tourism's 2012 Year of Food in Alabama.

April 4, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Members of Luverne’s civic clubs and Brantley students got a chance to meet with Rep. Martha Roby, who represents Alabama’s Second Congressional District, on Tuesday.

Roby began the day by speaking to a joint meeting of the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, where she spoke about recent developments in Washington.

March 4, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

Alabama's congressional lawmakers wrote to top Air Force officials Friday, requesting a meeting to discuss how Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base might be affected by planned military spending cuts.

Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, crafted the letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley, asking to meet soon with both him and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz.

March 2, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

The House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution today proposed by U.S. Reps. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, and Terri Sewell, D-Birmingham, to preserve a collection of accounts from  current and former members of Congress involved in the first and subsequent Civil Rights marches from Selma to Montgomery.

March 1, 2012 Representative Roby In The News

In recognition of the 1965 Civil Rights marches, Rep. Martha Roby joined with Rep. Terri Sewell today announcing a resolution that will preserve a collection of accounts from Congressional Members involved in the historic and annual marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The resolution passed the House today with 418 Members voting in favor.