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March 20, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak has created a sense of uncertainty for many Americans during these unprecedented times. Although we are in the midst of an unfamiliar global pandemic, there is a sense of unity that is present. Over the past week, Americans have joined together to follow instruction and guidance given by local, state, and national leaders in hopes of reducing the spread of COVID-19. Our nation’s leaders and healthcare professionals are dedicating all their efforts to keeping the American people informed and as safe as possible. As I have stated before, I feel it is my responsibility as your representative in Congress to keep all of my constituents updated on the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.
March 13, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
As our country moves forward with addressing the challenges associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it is incumbent upon my office to provide the people of Alabama’s Second Congressional District with the most recent information surrounding COVID-19. Government agencies at the state and federal levels are working hard to ensure Americans are receiving this information. As there are many outlets to turn toward, it can become somewhat overwhelming when determining what advice to take in. As your Representative in the U.S. Congress, I feel it is my responsibility to keep you up-to-date with this ongoing situation. I have compiled below helpful information and resources for anyone with questions or concerns on COVID-19.
March 6, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Counterfeit products directly impact not only brands but consumers as well. The circulation of these products poses serious threats to Americans’ public health and safety. Consumer lives are at risk due to the sale of these dangerous products, and it is our job as Members of Congress to create accountability for these online platforms in order to prevent counterfeit products from entering American homes. E-commerce platforms must take fraud seriously and remain accountable for any fake goods sold on their sites. We must do what we can to help combat the sale of these harmful products.
February 28, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Each summer, I am pleased to offer college students from Alabama’s Second District with congressional internship opportunities. My summer internship program is a competitive experience intended for students who have completed at least their undergraduate freshman year and are interested in learning about our nation’s Legislative Branch. With opportunities in my Washington, D.C., office and all three of my district offices located in Alabama, students are provided a unique experience to observe the daily operations of a congressional office.
February 21, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The modern workplace is constantly changing, and it’s imperative that educators and facilities keep up with this rapid pace. For almost 40 years, federal funding has helped support career and technical education programs at the state and local level. Career Tech programs help connect students with rewarding careers and boost local economies by enhancing the workforce. These programs ensure our future workers have the necessary skills that are foundational to our society. The Career Tech Education (CTE) programs across the country and in the state of Alabama have greatly improved over the years to offer training that our students are sincerely interested in.
February 14, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Throughout the years, advancements in technology have altered and changed the world we live in. Talented and bright minds are constantly pitching new ideas in industries all across the board, but it is the ability to protect these intangible creations that gives them their value. As technology has changed over time, so have the policies that protect these notable developments. With technological progression comes a more complex legal environment for businesses and organizations. It’s critical that strong protections are in place to safeguard the innovative ideas of the American people, ultimately stimulating innovation, fueling economic growth, and building stronger communities.
February 7, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The flu virus is one that comes to our attention each year, and it’s no secret that we all try to avoid catching it. Unfortunately, it is such a common sickness that many people do not realize how dangerous the flu virus really is. During the 2018-2019 flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that up to 42.9 million Americans got sick, 647,000 were hospitalized, and 61,200 people died as a result. These statistics are devastatingly high, and they have a direct effect on the people of Alabama.
January 31, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Education is one of the most critical components of our society today. It is how we formulate opinions and perspectives, gain exposure to different ideas and cultures, and develop new skills. With the knowledge and understanding gained from a solid education, we are able to learn how to be successful in our careers, family lives, and personal lives. Education also stimulates the whole country, furthering economic growth and stability. With education, one is able to take in the world around them and turn it into something better.
January 24, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Every year, thousands of Americans gather in our nation’s capital to participate in the March for Life. This annual event is an opportunity for pro-life advocates from across the country to join together and demonstrate their concern for protecting all life. With a single ruling, the Supreme Court deemed abortion legal throughout the United States. We are now 47 years removed from the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, and the advocates for life around the country are stronger than ever. Many traveled far and wide to be in Washington for this year’s March, which occurred this past week. I know that some pro-life supporters traveled from Alabama’s Second District – almost 900 miles – to defend the unborn.
January 17, 2020 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
As the dynamics of the workplace have changed over time, our policies that govern the workplace have not adapted to keep up with these changes. I am proud to again introduce the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2020. This piece of legislation offers compensatory time, or “comp time,” benefits in lieu of cash wages for overtime, allowing private sector workers the same opportunity that currently exists in the public sector.


In The News

February 26, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Alabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, a member of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee, on Tuesday invited Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie to visit Alabama to visit the VA so that he could firsthand what is happening.
February 14, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Rep. Martha Roby (AL-2) Thursday spoke on the House floor to voice her staunch opposition to the recent pro-abortion efforts in New York and Virginia and to express her unwavering support for the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” a bill she is cosponsoring to protect infants who are born alive during failed abortion procedures.
February 13, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, said that President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address included a call to action to pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill that Roby cosponsored.
February 1, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
U.S. Representative Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, has announced that she will continue to serve on the House Appropriations and Judiciary Committees during the 116th Congress.
January 29, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
As announced Tuesday, Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1) will serve as the Workforce Protections Subcommittee’s ranking member through his membership on the Education and Labor Committee, while Congresswoman Martha Roby (AL-2) will be ranking member on the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet.
January 29, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Rep. Martha Roby, R-Alabama, said Friday her thoughts are with all those impacted by the tornado in Elmore County on Saturday.
January 25, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Alabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby took to the House floor today to encourage those taking part in Friday’s March for Life, which commemorates the 45th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision.
January 23, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
On Wednesday, Congresswoman Martha Roby (AL-2) spoke on the U.S. House floor to honor individuals in Elmore County who experienced devastating loss when a tornado struck Wetumpka this past Saturday.
January 19, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Roby pledged to use her position as a member of Congress to promote pro-life policies and be an advocate for the unborn.
January 16, 2019 Representative Roby In The News
Representative Martha Roby (AL-2) spoke on the House floor Wednesday to commemorate the 2019 March for Life, which will take place in Washington, D.C. this Friday.