Roby Returns from Eighth Mother’s Day Trip to Afghanistan

May 7, 2019
Press Release

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today returned from a bipartisan female congressional delegation (CODEL) to Afghanistan and Jordan, led by Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA). This trip marks the eighth year Representative Roby has traveled to visit with deployed U.S soldiers and Afghan women around Mother’s Day. During her visit, Representative Roby met with U.S. servicemembers and top military commanders and Afghan and Jordanian leaders.

“It is a great privilege to travel to Afghanistan each year around Mother’s Day to spend time with our brave military personnel,” Representative Roby said. “This annual visit is deeply important to me. It always serves as a reminder of our servicemembers’ sacrifices; they spend months at a time away from their families, often in harm’s way, defending our freedoms. I am grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with some of our heroes in Afghanistan and Jordan and thank them for the difficult work they do to keep our nation secure. I appreciate my colleague and friend Congresswoman Susan Davis for leading this year’s trip.”

Throughout her time in Congress, Representative Roby has also maintained a commitment to improving circumstances for Afghan women.

“Afghan women have recently experienced progress toward obtaining basic human rights, and they are also playing an increased role in the Afghan National Defense Security Forces,” Representative Roby said. “I will remain engaged in these issues to ensure continued forward momentum. The success of Afghan women is indicative of the entire country’s success, and I am optimistic about the process toward reaching peace. I am also grateful for our country’s important relationship with Jordan and for the stability our ally brings to the region.”