Yellowhammer News: Roby: 'I will continue to strongly support' F-35 program

March 6, 2019
Representative Roby In The News

Representative Martha Roby (AL-2) continued her staunch advocacy this week for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program based at Montgomery’s Donnelly Field.

Roby, co-chair of the congressional Joint Strike Fighter Caucus, cosponsored a resolution recognizing the program as a critical, cutting-edge component of America’s national security efforts that Congress must continue to properly fund and support.

“The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the military’s most cutting-edge war machine,” Roby said in a statement. “Congress must continue to provide adequate funding for the development and procurement of this next-generation fighter jet as we work to replace antiquated, outdated aircraft.”

She concluded, “The F-35 program is critically important to our national security, and I will continue to strongly support it in Congress.”

The U.S. Air Force announced in December 2017 that the Alabama National Guard’s 187th Fighter Wing was chosen for the program.