Yellowhammer News: Rep. Martha Roby to Democrats on CHIP: This is not time for political games

January 18, 2018
Representative Roby In The News

Rep. Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) appeared alongside some of her fellow House Republicans yesterday to call attention to the importance of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Alabama.

The details:

— “Many of the families that I represent in Alabama depend on CHIP funding to make sure that their children have access to health care,” Roby said in the press conference, recalling her time working as a young lawyer when she served clients who relied upon CHIP.

— The GOP is on the cusp of passing a six-year CHIP extension in their temporary government funding bill.

— “I’ve also been hearing directly from our governor in the great state of Alabama and many state representatives who are working diligently to craft a budget on the state level and they are depending on Congress to get this done,” said Roby.

— Roby joined a chorus of Republicans who say the Democrats are playing a political game by threatening a government shutdown, and a failure to extend CHIP, if a deal on DACA isn’t included in the spending bill.

— “That’s why it’s incredibly disheartening that Democrats are playing party politics with children’s health insurance.”

— “This, of all times, is not the time for games.”