Rep. Roby speaks at PLAS

May 7, 2015
Representative Roby In The News

Pike Liberal Arts senior government students got to hear first hand the ins and outs of working in Washington D.C.

Rep. Martha Roby, Alabama 2nd Congressional District, met with the PLAS seniors Wednesday morning and said she hoped to be able to explain to students a typical day-in-the-life for her.

“Typically, when I come and visit schools it’s great to just share with the students a day in the life of being a congressman and of course not one day is the same,” Roby said. “It means so much to me to be in the district and explain how important it is to be with my constituents, but also what my days look like when I’m in Washington being the conscience of Alabama Two.”

Roby spoke on her drive to get into politics at a young age and her calling to be at the table.

“I think what’s important is for them to get to spend this time with me and see that I’m just a mom and a wife and someone that cares about our community. Wanting to be engaged is what drove me to where I am now and it was just that desire to serve people and to be an encouragement for them. Whether it’s running for public office or entering into public service alone.”

After Roby introduced herself and spoke on her day-to-day activities during her D.C. Work Weeks and District Work Weeks, as she calls them, Roby, like any congressman, took time to express what was most important to her in this political-season.

“This is appropriation season,” Roby said. “We passed the budget, which is the budget resolution which is important to get a framework. Now, we can pass appropriations bills. Take the VA for example it’s not only important that we fund the VA adequately but require responsibility and we do that throughout the government and government spending. This is a busy time as an appropriator, but I am just thankful to have a set on a very important committee as it relates to our military aspects here at home and our farmers.”

Roby also said her role on the Benghazi Select Committee was important to her as Hillary Clinton had agreed to meet with the committee to discuss aspects about her email account amongst other things.

“We have been in contact with Mrs. Clinton as it relates to the Benghazi Select Committee,” Roby said. “The details that relate to that public hearing are to be determined; however, we look forward to holding her accountable for decisions she’s made in light of the email account situation, but also, most importantly, finding the truth on behalf of the four Americans who unnecessarily lost their lives.”