Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama

FUELS Act Eases Regulatory Burden on Ala. Farmers

March 12, 2014
Representative Roby In The News

Farmers follow strict guidelines to store their fuel.

Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby has co-sponsored a bill to ease those regulations.

"If I'm trying to meet regulations, i can not be in the field on my farm raising a crop to provide income for my family and to feed the world, " says local farmer, Thomas Adams.

Adams is excited the Farmers Undertake Environmental Land Stewardship, or FUELS Act is moving through the legislature.

The bill aims to modify current farm fuels regulations.

"It has had a negative impact on farmers all across the country but especially in Alabama and representative Roby heard directly from farmers who are doing nothing wrong, they had no history of accidents or environmental problems but they're being forced to comply with over reaching federal regulations and it's just not fair, " says Todd Stacy, Communications Director at Representative Martha Roby's office

The act passed the House of Representatives Tuesday.

It's goal is to minimize the regulations small farms have to follow when it comes to fuel storage.

"Most farms are in compliance now, but what the difference is it would require us to hire an engineering firm to draw us up or implement a spill prevention plan which could run anywhere on the low side of $4,000 on up, just whatever the engineering firm said you would be required to do, " says Adams.

If the fuels act becomes law, it will mean a break for farmers.

"Congresswoman Roby has introduced legislation, which passed the house which exempted farmers, the small farmers from being required to have an engineering firm draw up a plan and be able to self certify if you've had an excellent history with no spillage. Regulation is killing small business everyday and we cannot continue to make a living and fight Washington everyday on regulations," says Adams.

The FUELS Act now heads to the Senate.

There's no timetable of when they'll vote on it.

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