Dothan Eagle: Martha Roby tours Emergency Operations Center

July 10, 2017
Representative Roby In The News

The City of Dothan/Houston County Emergency Operations Center welcomed U.S. Representative Martha Roby Monday as she visited the new facility.

Roby toured the facility and spoke with Dothan/Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah.

“I am pleased Representative Roby was able to visit our center while she was in the area,” Judah said. “This is a great opportunity for her to see just how well each area of the center works together. This facility is the hub for 10 counties and I want to her to see and understand our emergency management agency is more than just weather. Yes, we stay on top of the weather, but this facility can be utilized during any disaster and I want her to see the benefit of having a facility like this in our area.”

Judah hopes Roby takes back the information she obtained during her visit and shares it with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“I believe Representative Roby will share her knowledge of the this facility with those who can help spread the word about our service,” Judah said. “She believes strongly in educating the communities and that is our goal here at this facility.”

Roby said she came away impressed.

“This facility is great,” Roby said. “The work and coordination of everyone working together to help protect the lives of individuals in 10 counties, well, it’s amazing. I have the deepest respect for all of our first responders and that includes the staff of the Emergency Management Agency and all dispatchers. We need to respect and remember all of of our first responders.”