Representative Roby's Weekly Columns

October 4, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the second most common cancer in women, with the goal of someday ending it entirely.
September 27, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Since 1957, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company that also has an extensive operation in Pike County, has built the presidential helicopter. The 2019 White House ornament honors that special legacy, but it also pays tribute to Army Aviation and Fort Rucker, as Fort Rucker is the location site of the original Army One used by Eisenhower.
September 20, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
In Congress, I have and will continue to support strong funding for STEM education opportunities. We must do all we can to expose more young people to these increasingly important fields so that today’s workforce is ready for tomorrow’s jobs.
September 13, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Around this anniversary each year, it is important for us all to remember the heinous acts of hatred committed against us by those who oppose our liberty and freedom, the unspeakable suffering of those who lost people they love, the personal effect it has had on so many of us, and the brave men and women who continue to stand guard each day to keep us safe.
September 6, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Perhaps one of our most critical ongoing issues is the horrific opioid epidemic that continues to grip Alabama and communities throughout our country.
August 30, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I always enjoy spending time with the hardworking, dedicated professionals at the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Fusion Center. I appreciated their time and the informative update about the critically important work they are doing each day to combat crimes, especially those against children.
August 16, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
During my recent time on the road, I made several productive stops in Enterprise, Dothan, Headland, Montgomery, Troy, Opp, Andalusia, and Red Level, and I would like to take this opportunity to share what I learned.
August 9, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
It’s also an important season for the agriculture community as these hardworking men and women are in the midst of a critical time for crops before harvest.
August 2, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
My offices provide quite a few constituent services, and it is important that you’re aware of them so that you can take full advantage of the many ways my offices can help you.
July 26, 2019 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The internship program is a competitive experience ideal for students who are interested in learning more about our nation’s legislative process, constituent services, and the general day-to-day operations of a congressional office.