Representative Roby's Weekly Columns

March 24, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I traveled throughout Alabama’s Second Congressional District to listen first hand to the concerns of my constituents, and there were plenty of timely issues to discuss.
March 17, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
When Alabamians have trouble with the federal government, my job is to step in and try to help. That's exactly what happened when a new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation imposed costly inspection and compliance requirements on Alabama farmers.
March 7, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Too many American families are still struggling in this tough economy, and rising energy bills are squeezing family budgets even more. One of the coldest winters in years has made matters worse, driving up heating costs nationwide.
February 28, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Last week, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel previewed some significant changes coming for our nation’s military. Though the details won’t be public until President Obama releases his proposed budget, we know the size and scope of our Armed Forces will be greatly reduced. In fact, under the President’s proposal, the Army would shrink to its pre-World War II size.
February 24, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Last year the nation was shocked by reports that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was improperly targeting groups based on political beliefs. You may remember that a group from our area – the Wetumpka Tea Party – was one of the groups singled out.
February 10, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
This Farm Bill institutes efforts to help food stamp recipients secure employment through job training and other services. It seeks to eliminate fraud and abuse, including closing a loophole that allowed states to game the system and artificially increase benefit levels. The bill also includes a provision I personally championed to require the use of E-Verify to prevent illegal immigrants from fraudulently receiving food stamp benefits
February 3, 2014 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
If you tuned into the State of the Union address on Tuesday, you heard yet another lofty speech full of nice-sounding promises from President Obama. Few will deny that he is a talented speaker, but too often his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.
September 11, 2012 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Every August Congress adjourns to allow members to travel back to their home districts and meet with constituents about the issues facing the nation. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this time I have with you. I cannot accurately represent Alabama’s Second Congressional District without hearing firsthand the concerns and priorities of the people who live and work here.
May 22, 2012 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Meeting with key Air Force Leaders in support of the 908th and much more in my weekly column.
May 7, 2012 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Launching a redesigned web site, information on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and my questioning with Secretary Sebelius in this week's column.