Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama

Representative Roby's Weekly Columns

August 19, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
House Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, have come forward with an agenda of forward-thinking policy measures meant to communicate clearly and directly with the American people our plan for the future. It’s called “A Better Way,” and it is our blueprint for using responsible, conservative policy ideas to restore a confident America.
August 5, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The Zika threat is real and it is here. Critical legislation is one step (and about four Senate votes) away from the president’s desk. A public health crisis of this magnitude is no time to block emergency funding in the name of politics.
July 29, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The United States government was formed around the fundamental principle of balanced powers divided among separate co-equal branches. The Constitution spells out the various authorities and responsibilities of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches, arranging a system of “checks and balances” to ensure no one branch becomes too powerful. This system is intended to “secure the blessings of liberty” and ensure that our republic truly operates by the consent of the governed.
July 22, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Oftentimes truly changing public policy for the better requires not only improving the law but also careful oversight in order to ensure proper implementation of that law. You may remember that late last year we scored a significant legislative victory by getting the strong “state authority” provisions I championed for almost three years included in the long-overdue replacement to the “No Child Left Behind” education law.
July 15, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I can now confirm that no illegal immigrant minors will be sent to Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery or any other Alabama military facility this year.
July 8, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Congress took big steps this past week toward enacting legislation critical to addressing a few key national issues: the opioid epidemic and gaps in mental health services.
July 1, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The Select Committee on Benghazi released its much-anticipated report last week, documenting through more than 800 pages a better understanding of what happened leading up to, during and after the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks that killed four Americans: Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. The report contains a substantial amount of new information that reveals a much clearer picture about Benghazi and changes our understanding about the government’s mishandling of the attacks. As a Member of the Select Committee, I encourage everyone to read the report for themselves online at
June 24, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt the final blow to President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. As you may remember, President Obama attempted to bypass Congress in November 2014 and grant de facto amnesty to as many as five million illegal immigrants. A number of states, including Alabama, challenged the executive amnesty plans in federal court on the grounds that they violated the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers. Although there are not currently 9 serving justices, an equally divided Supreme Court affirms the ruling of the court below. By upholding lower courts’ rulings against the Administration, the Supreme Court has effectively blocked the President’s orders from being implemented and affirmed that they were unconstitutional.
June 17, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
The House passed the Fiscal Year 2017 Defense Appropriations bill with a bipartisan vote of 282-138. This bill aims to fully fund military operations overseas, ensure the readiness of our troops to meet global threats, and sustain health and safety programs military personnel and their families depend on. It contains an authorized 2.1 percent military pay raise and important funding for the Apache, Blackhawk and Lakota helicopter programs, which are an integral part of the mission at Fort Rucker and Army Aviation missions worldwide.
June 10, 2016 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
All the excitement over softball is a reminder that the Congressional Women's Softball Game takes place this week. This is the annual event in which women Members of Congress team up to take on women members of the news media for softball bragging rights on Capitol Hill. It's a fun, bi-partisan event that benefits a great cause: the Young Survival Coalition, which is dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors deal with the unique needs and challenges they face while in recovery. You may remember last year I played in honor of my friend, Montgomery County Commissioner Ronda Walker, who was battling the disease at the time and attended the game as an honored guest.