Congresswoman Martha Roby

Representing the 2nd District of Alabama

Defense and National Security

I am proud to serve a congressional district that is home to two of our nation’s finest military installations. I know the importance of providing the brave men and women of our military with the best resources possible to ensure they are fit for whatever challenges they may face. I will continue to fight for sufficient military funding to secure the security of our nation.

I have the distinct honor of sitting on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, which is responsible for crafting military spending plans. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I will always work to ensure that Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base and Ft. Rucker remain strong components in our national defense infrastructure.

Each year I have served in Congress I have opposed proposals that drastically and unfairly cut military spending, including pay that members of the armed services and their families depend on. Instead, I have worked with my colleagues to build support for strong military funding that properly provides for those who serve and have served in uniform.

More on Defense and National Security

April 13, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
It is truly a great honor and privilege to be an advocate for Fort Rucker and Maxwell-Gunter Air Force base in Congress. I will never stop fighting on behalf of our service members and their families.
April 12, 2018 Press Release
As a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, properly funding our military is one of my top priorities.
April 6, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
In addition to my recent district travel, I had the privilege of visiting Marion Military Institute (MMI) for the first time, and I was truly impressed.
March 14, 2018 Press Release
U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today participated in a Defense Appropriations Subcommittee hearing where she thanked Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson for selecting the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field to host the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.
March 6, 2018 Representative Roby In The News
“Vladimir Putin touting Russia’s advanced nuclear capabilities is yet another example of the country’s very real threat to our national security,” Rep. Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) told Yellowhammer News.
February 2, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
Each year, the State of the Union address provides an important opportunity for the President to speak directly to Congress and the American people and offer an update on his priorities and plans to accomplish them.
January 31, 2018 Representative Roby In The News
Roby said big news for the district is that the Alabama National Guard’s 187th Fighter Wing at Danley Field in Montgomery has been selected for the Air Force’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter mission.
January 31, 2018 Press Release
U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) today released a statement in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.
January 26, 2018 Representative Roby's Weekly Column
I am so glad that the gridlock in Washington didn’t impact my plans to visit with so many people. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for me to hear directly from you.
January 24, 2018 Representative Roby In The News
“I do want to share with you some successes of the past year – legislative successes that you won’t hear on the news because they don’t want to talk about the good things that have happened and then tell you about some of my priorities for 2018,” she said.