In Congress, I am proud to be a strong voice for farmers and to represent their concerns.

Defending the Unborn

I believe that the miracle of human life begins at conception, and I also believe that I have an obligation to do everything I can to fight for the unborn and to prevent taxpayer money from funding abortions.


Pro-growth tax reform could unleash our country’s economic potential and lead to the creation of millions of jobs, many at small and medium-sized business.

Budget and Spending

While some progress has been made to rein in wasteful spending, much work remains to put our country on a stabile fiscal course.

Defense and National Security

I will continue to fight for sufficient military funding to secure the security of our nation.


I will always fight to improve our education laws with policies that reflect a more conservative, state-driven approach to education.


I remain a strong proponent of environmentally-safe American energy exploration because it is the best way to lower oil prices for Americans and increase our national security and economic strength.

Federal Regulations

One of my top priorities in Congress is stopping this so-called "backdoor legislating" in which government agencies like the EPA decide to single-handedly impose new, aggressive regulations.

Second Amendment

I own a gun myself, and I strongly value the rights guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

Health Care

I favor replacing Obamacare with a patient-centered system that is not run by the government that can lower costs and increase choices through more competition and fewer mandates.


We must work to strike the balance between maintaining legal immigration which has benefited our nation for generations and curtailing illegal immigration.

Protecting our Veterans

It is critically important that we do all we can to care for our veterans and ensure the integrity of their service and sacrifice.