Roby Column - September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011
Representative Roby's Weekly Column

Update on the Budget

In response to our national debt crisis, Congress passed the Budget Control Act in late July. The compromise legislation increases the statutory limit on the national debt and cuts a dollar of spending for every new dollar of debt.

A provision within the Budget Control Act called for the creation of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. This bi-partisan, bi-cameral committee is made up of six Democrats and six Republicans. The committee’s objective is to find areas to cut and issue Congress a formal recommendation on the ways to reduce federal spending. 

If the Joint Select Committee fails to agree on recommended cuts for Congress, our national security could be in jeopardy.

While I am not a member of the Joint Select Committee, my most important job is to listen to you. Our country is facing a crucial time and I encourage you to offer any suggestions on ways to cut spending.

Recognizing Military Families

Major General Anthony Crutchfield, Commanding General of the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Ft. Rucker, visited me in my Washington, D.C., office this week. We discussed significant issues such as possible defense cuts and the importance of continued support for military families.

Military families are a vital part of our district. It is my great honor to represent them. Without question, these families serve an essential role in supporting our nation. Their service is not demonstrated on the battlefield, but behind the scenes. Our country is in debt to their service, and must ensure them necessary means.

However, providing military families the support they need could soon be a challenge.

The Budget Control Act pins our military and their families against the insurance policy for the spending cuts required by the Joint Select Committee. Unnecessary defense cuts could change the structure of our military, as we know it today.

These possible cuts will not only affect military operations, but will very likely weaken vital support for military spouses and their children.

It is fundamentally wrong for our nation to hold our military hostage within a political debate. Speaking on the House floor this week, I underscored this point. Regardless of politics, our military families must continue to have the resources necessary to serve in their important role as military dependents.

Restricting Regulations Imposed by the National Labor Relations Board

No doubt, the top priority for our country is job creation. Harsh regulations imposed on American business owners by the Administration is restricting U.S. job growth. Since coming to Congress, I have voted in favor of bills that reduce regulatory burdens on employers.

This week, I was proud to join House members in passing the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act. This legislation eases imposed regulations by prohibiting the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from dictating where private businesses can and cannot operate.

As a member of Congress representing a Right-To-Work State, I am eager to halt federal regulations that hinder business growth. A government board, such as NLRB, should not tell a private employer where they must open a business and hire workers.

It is important to ensure that labor interests do not undermine an employer’s efforts to create jobs. The provisions in this bill will provide employers with the certainty they need to invest in our economy.

This bill is one in a series of bills addressing jobs that I will review as a member of the House Education and the Workforce Committee. As a co-sponsor of the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act, I was pleased it passed the House 238-186.

My hope is that the Senate passes this pro-jobs bill quickly so that we can put Americans back to work, right here at home in the United States.

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