Jun 2, 2017

Our country took a collective pause on Memorial Day to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

May 26, 2017

It’s official – there will be no more attempts by the U.S. Department of Education to coerce states into adopting its preferred policies, standards, and curriculum, including Common Core.

May 5, 2017

With Mother’s Day approaching, I’m excited to report that my legislation to offer Americans more choice and flexibility with their time in the workplace has passed the House of Representatives.

Apr 28, 2017

Though sometimes necessary to prevent a lapse in critical services, these short term, stop-gap funding extensions are no way to govern.

Apr 21, 2017

With Congress on a short district work period, I recently took the opportunity to travel throughout Alabama’s Second District for a week full of meetings and visits.

Apr 14, 2017

The last few weeks have seen a great deal of activity around the globe, on both the military and diplomatic fronts.

Apr 7, 2017

Serving on the Judiciary Committee gives me the opportunity to play a role in combating child exploitation in the United States and abroad. I’m pleased to report that some important progress is being made.

Mar 31, 2017

Just last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that sanctuary cities will no longer be eligible to receive grants from the Department of Justice. This was a good move.

Mar 30, 2017

I am optimistic that Congress and Gov. Perdue can work together to deliver policies that help Alabama’s farmers do what they do best – produce the food and fiber that our country depends on.

Mar 17, 2017

The same strict accountability standards that apply to senior managers need to extend to rank-and-file employees so that no one can get away with abuse or neglect at the VA.